Polling battles in the Republic of Eagles

Koplik, Albania, Montenegrin border, May 2011. On the eve of the municipal elections, streets of the northern impoverished town of Koplik are overcome by a kind of feverishness. Wracked by more than 40 years of communist dictatorship under the absurd Enver Hoxha rule, the Balkan republic is now looking for a new breath of democracy. […]

A Russian Christmas Eve somewhat different

We are in January, the 6th, on Christmas Eve for the Russian Orthodox remained true to the Julian calendar. In 2012, the celebration is of a somewhat different tenor from the previous years. The Arab spring has resonated in the Russian land. The Moscow Patriarchate has gone out of its way to warn the Russian […]

Testing the Governance

In April 2008, a week of riots against the rising cost of life engulfed Haiti. Besides the legitimate aspirations of a population widely affected by food insecurity, some believe that supporters of former President Aristide have hijacked the movement. The HNP, the Haitian National Police appeared quickly overwhelmed. UN peacekeepers strive to limit outbursts. A […]