The Blessing of the Herdsmen

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In the southern French region of Camargue, bulls and horses live in semi-freedom. In Arles, the bull fighting season starts on May 1 with the celebration of the Herdsmen, the parade of the cowboys in Camargue during which an hommage is paid to St. George, the protector of the horsemen. Founded in 1512, the Brotherhood of the Herdsmen is the oldest brotherhood of this kind in France. The Marquis de Baroncelli created a dress for the herdmen with an aim to give them a greater unity and a distinctive appearance. This year, the parade is of special relevance. It marks the 500th anniversary of the Gardians brotherhood. For the first time, the brotherhood will gather in the arens of Arles to celebrate St. George and to be blessed with their horses during a mass in Provençal language.

A story created in May 2012.