Theo, doctor and voodoo priest

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Hougan Theo is both a doctor and a voodoo priest. Since the age of 14, he cures natural diseases and also the ones he calls mystical diseases. He is over 70. His reputation extends far beyond the area. He lives in a simply way but has money and lands. He cultivates medicinal plants and also rice for selling. A discharge ceremony will take place tonight. Convinced that a spell was casted on her daughter, Myrnam’s parents consulted a few months ago Hougan Theo. Myrnam’s brother undertakes also the ritual. He could have been also bewitched. The girl is forced to kiss the mouth of a goat before drinking the blood flooding from the cut ear of the animal. The animal is eventually released and will not be killed. Two chickens are kept alive a few minutes standing on brother and sister crown of the heads. Soon after, brother and sister eat the stew of the two chickens. Theo wraps a big rock in a rope before burning the rope. The ritual symbolizes the hunting of the persecuting spirit. The ceremony ends up in the middle of the night. Myrnam’s parents are happy. Their daughter is cured.

A story created from November 2008 to July 2009.