The author

In developing this website, my purpose was to breath new life into my photos of fragments of everyday life here or elsewhere that have remained neglected in my hard drives or cartons. With time the need has emerged to strengthen these photography stories with funny, touching and sometimes fancyful tales that I echoed in my journeys. A few sound files that I had the opportunity to record may help the visitor to enter more deeply into these stories.

Several take place in Haiti, a country where I lived and worked for almost two years. Since my stay on the small Caribbean island, I have started to focus more on human beings, and in particular the way they interact together and with their environment. You can not photography human beings and their range of emotions unless that your presence has been accepted and eventually forgotten by the people who are part of your stories. I hope that with this story pictures I managed to share the beauty of the Caribbean island as well as the outmoded charm of its legends and also unfortunately its painful unleaded scars from the past and its present.

I have addressed without making a judgement several beliefs and rituals related-issues that allow the human being to face his fears and uncertainties. Often with a hint of superstition, a variety of these practices take place throughout the world, whatever the society in which they were born. Indeed, the Haitian who consults a voodoo priest to fight against the ill fate is not more ridiculous than the European who visits clairvoyancy services websites as well as he or her horoscope in the newspaper.