Haitian rural smoothness

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A few words engraved on the top of a small arch at the entrance of Fort-Liberte;, a northeast provincial administrative center, provide the visitors with a taste of his stay. “The smoothness in the effort” is the motto of the inhabitants of this former royal garrison. When the city is wrapped in its twilight cloak, people do no longer go out. The slightest shadow reflected on the wall of your neighbors house is terrifying. Roads are crowded by colorful wooden booths called Borlette, a kind of popular lottery. The plant cover in the country is estimated at under 2%. Sometimes one can see rural communities committing as one man to plant hundred of fruit trees. On the way you may meet a banjo troubadour player with face carved out of hundred years old wrinkles. In February, magnificent parades take place in Port-au-Prince the capital and other cities. Across the country, each municipality is passionately committed to celebrate the carnival season and makes provision in its budget that varies according to its means. For the inhabitants of the forgotten city of Fort-Liberte;, carnival is a truce for the hardships. During the festivities, the national electricity company provides electricity a few hours a day instead of one hour usually. In this rural area, people pay to evil spirits the power to transform men into animals. Men wear costumes designed from hundreds of strips of perforated paper computer listing. They look like giant birds of a story inspired by Native American Shaman. In the eventful-past and uncertain-present island, you may meet a man chuckling over his fate before gently sailing away from his boat.

A story created from 2007 to 2010.